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About Us, The Creative Photography Tips

I’m Roland, founder of Creative Photography Tips Website. I’m an IT Professional for almost 20 years, from Data Controller, Technical Support, Programmer to Systems Analyst, usability designer, and web developer.

My idea to develop CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS came to me sometimes after my schooling at University of the Philippines Photography Workshop. I realize that as an active IT Professional, the need to build my brand particularly in “Photography” raise my awareness not only for myself but also for the Photographer in general was something that I was constantly growing with a new year and new goals to achieve in my career and life which I could no longer put it off.

The general idea of this site is for it to function as a place for me to post my experienced in photography and to post reviews and articles about all things in Photography and my experienced as hubbies in this new skills that I learned. However, sometimes I will deviate from the regular topics just to mix it up a bit and add a little flair to the site.

As an IT Expert and Photographer, I will also share in this site my A-STORE for all your Photography needs. From camera, lens, to all accessories that you wanted to have in your photography. This A-STORE is SAFE and SECURED powered by AMAZON, a trusted online store.


For any suggestion regarding this website, please leave a message in my CONTACT FORM.

About Me - Creative Photography Tips

Pictures below were taken during the celebration of Chinese New Year in Manila Philippines. Other photos were taken in Vigan Ilocos Norte, Boracay Island, and one in Canada during the winter season. Nikon Club Philippines is where I learned how to touched and eventually know how to shot good pictures. The top picture is with George Tapan, Most photographer calls him THE MASTER. Travel photographer George Tapan shares his worlds of experience in capturing beautiful places in beautiful ways.“INTO THE GREEN ZONE” photo by George Tapan won the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest. I am glad that I meet THE MASTER of Travel Photography during our Nikon Photo Safari in the Philippines. He has worked for the Department of Tourism and Philippine Airlines and has published 5 travel photography books. View this article Travel Photography to know some of the tips from THE MASTER of travel photography Master George Tapan.



I am Nikon Club. During the Nikon Safari Adventure

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