Levitation Photography

Levitation Photography is said to be a skill that allows the human or any object to float in the air. Levitation images are magical! It will amaze you and sometimes ask yourself “How did they do that?”. They draw the viewer in and make them think about what’s not quite right in the picture. There is no perfect levitation photography until now. However, it’s an interesting concept that has been played out in many movies to impress people, thus attracting photographers to produce fantastic work of levitation. If you search the internet you will find amazing examples. Levitation photography is not yet become wildly use until now, I assume it’s because levitation photography looks really difficult. 

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Sample Levitation Photography

 I think most people would be surprised to learn that in its most basic form of photography it’s just compositing two or more images shot at the same place and eventually edit in editing software like Photoshop. 

Simple tutorial about how the levitation technique works in Photoshop.

Video Courtesy: Nicolás Bacile and YouTube

Many levitation photographers use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to create final images and eventually produce a real word of the magical image. Regardless of your software choice, it is recommended to check color correct the series of shots first so they are all the same. This technique is a ton of fun. It requires a little bit of practice and patience, but the results are almost always fun and interesting.

Some basic Step-by-step on how to shoot Levitation Photography

First things first, defending what can of levitation you want to shots here are some things you need;

  • A camera (of course, how can you produce magical shots without this!!!)
  • A tripod (to make you shots steady and produce magic!! )
  • A prop to sit/stand/reclines on (it maybe a chair, a stool or a table that can handle you weight or a bench at the park where you plan to make the shot)


  • Trigger release
  • Flash (depend upon the situation, entirely up to you)
  • Other props to add to the look of the photo (anything you want to use for your magical shot, it can a ball, books or anything)


Tip #1 – Prepare Your Equipment and Props

In order to create a levitation photograph, you must have a camera that has manual focus capabilities. Any project or shoot that requires good and seamless blending of same shoot frames is easier to put together if you shoot in Manual Mode. And you can even do trial and error on every shoot you do. Read More >>>